Boudour Ammar

Boudour Ammar (IEEE Student Member’08, Member’13) was born in Sfax, Tunisia.

She graduated in computer science in 2005. She received, also, the Master degree in automatic and industrial computing from the National School of Engineers of Sfax, University of Sfax in 2006. She obtained a PhD degree in recurrent neural network learning model for a biped walking simulator with the Research Group on Intelligent Machines (REGIM), University of Sfax, since February 2014.


She is currently an assistant professor with the Department of Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics at National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS).


Her research interests include iBrain (Artificial neural networks,  Machine learning) & iRobotics (wheeled Robots, Humanoid, Autonomous Robots, Intelligent Control, Embedded Systems).


First, she focuses his research on the combination  of  theoretical  biomechanical  data with  those  obtained  by  the  analysis  of video  sequences  on  human  subjects  in motion. Then, she studied the nonlinear dynamics and the delayed differential equations with different applications in various fields such as Recurrent neural Networks for biped simulator using mathematical  tools such  as  the  principle  of  fixed  point  and  Lyapunov  functions.


She served also in several volunteering positions as WIE Tunisia Affinity Group chair, Secretary of IEEE RAS Tunisia Chapter since 2013 and CIS & YP active Member. She organised the IEEE Robocomp robotics competition since 2010. She served as an organising member in several workshops and conferences including WIMTA and IEEE ICBR.